Sacred sound, an International Gongyoga Therapy certification in Alicante, Spain July 6th-13th 2019

Sacred sound, an International Gong Yoga Therapy certification

All living is vibration. All our emotions, thoughts and physical conditions can be described as vibration. These vibrations are all connected to how our chakras vibrate. When we are happy and feel balanced our vibration is like a symphony and our chakras are in balance. When we experience pain, either physically or psychically, our vibration is in disharmony and the chakras are unbalanced. 

Join Helen and Anne Siri, both Yogatherapists and GongMasters for this week and experience and learn how your vibrations can be tuned to the most beautiful symphony with the help from gongs, singing bowls, voice, yoga and meditation.

The first part is for you who have never played the gong and want to learn the basic skills. The second part is for you who want to deepen your knowledge in playing the gong therapeutically.  If you wish to not participate in the Basic in Gong Playing, you will have that time off and you can enjoy the beach, swimming pool, go hiking or whatever you like. However, you need to have gong-playing skills for the GongYoga Therapy training. 

This certification is held in collaboration with Mehtab Benton, Grand GongMaster and Kundaliniyoga teacher.

About the Gong-training certification

Basics and advanced techniques of Gong playing, 12 hours

You will learn everything you need to know with regards to playing the gong for relaxation, healing and meditation for yourself and your students. After this training you will be able to hold stand-alone Gong-baths (Gong relaxations), Gong relaxation after a yoga class (either style) and as a shorter meditation.

Gong Yoga Therapy, 18 hours

The Gong Yoga therapy training is a certification course in using the gong and the practices of yoga to create a therapeutic and transformational experience for physical, mental and spiritual healing. The training is for sound healers, yoga teachers, gong players, and therapists. It will give you the tools to conduct one-on-one private sessions for individual clients as well as suggestions for using the gong as a therapeutic instrument in a group setting. Prior experience of playing the gong, or attending the ”Basics and advanced techniques of Gong playing course” is needed to be able to do the GongYoga therapy training.

  • The Basis of Sound Healing and Yoga Therapy
  • How to Structure a Gong Therapy Session
  • How to Play the Gong Therapeutically
  • Preparing the Gong Therapy Environment
  • Client Assessment and Development of Therapy Session
  • Considerations for Selecting and Using Gongs
  • Using Mudras, Mantras, and Pranayama Therapeutically
  • Guided Meditation and Relaxation for Gong Therapy
  • Gong Therapy for Groups
  • Gong Therapy as a Profession


Gongs and other instruments

There will be several different gongs available for the training during both courses. Both Norse gongs, Paiste symphonic and planetary gongs, singing bowls and other different healing instruments. You will have lots of time to practice your gong-playing techniques. 

You will be introduced to intuitive gong playing where you will let go of all the given techniques and move from mental playing to intuitive, heartfelt playing – letting the gong play you and open yourself up to the full potential of the gong!


Thursday night we will together create a sacred sound healing space where we will play together for the whole night. The gongs will sound evenly throughout the night and we will share playing 30- 45 minutes each. The rest of the night you will sleep/meditate/rest on your mattress. It's a special and magical night where you will sleep like no other sleep – it’s like you are awake in a dream. The healing vibrations from the gong will repair, rejuvenate, cleanse, unblock and free us. The gong-symphony brings about an inner stillness where deep healing can occur. In the early morning the gongs will go silent and we will rest for one hour in deep silence. At 7:00am we will awake slowly, taking time to integrate, enjoy the deep, profound silence within ourselves.


Become a certified gong-player by participating in the first course.

Become a certified GongYoga Therapy player by participating in the second course.

Participating either course is optional. If you don´t participate in one of the gong-playing certifications you have the time for yourself.

You will learn everything during these courses and you don’t need any preliminary knowledge. You may by a Gong during the course or you can by a gong later. If you own a gong you are most welcome to bring it with you.


When and Where

July 6th-13th 2019 at the magical and lovely Villa Dorothea, Allicante, Spain,


Early bird NOK 12950 (€ 1,365) until February 1st, after February 1st NOK 13950 € 1,470. 

  • Saltvannsbasseng, gratis lån av sykler og el-sykler, lite treningsrom
  • Nydelig vegetarisk mat
  • Vakre soverom, du får utdelt morgenkåpe morgenkåpe, 2 bådehåndklær og 2 håndklær per uke.
  • Lekre bad som man deler på.


  • All teachings including a compendium in basic gong-playing techniques

in Norwegian and English, and the book Basic Gong Yoga Healing and Enlightenment Through Sound (25€) for the Basics and advanced techniques of Gong playing, and for the GongYogaTherapy certification the book on Gong Therapy. (25€)

  • 3 vegetarian meals per day
  • You will stay in a large, shared bedroom with one other person, in single beds and shared bathroom
  • Transportation to and from the airport
  • Evening trip to Altea
  • Tea and fruit throughout the days


The kitchen serves delicious vegetarian/vegan food that support our viibrational journey with the gongs. Grounding and balancing food for both body, energy and soul. There will be served no alcohol.

Travel expenses are not included
You can fly by Ryan Air directly to Alicante from Torp, Sandefjord and with Norwegian and SAS from Gardermoen, Oslo.

Registration and payment

You book your place by sending an e-mail to Siri).

Upon registration, you will pay a fee of 3900 NOK (€ 370) to ensure the place and registration is binding with 14 days of cancellation. Remaining amount, payable within six weeks before the start of the course. If you would like a single room, this can be offered at an additional charge of  NOK 2750 (€ 290), but single rooms can only be guaranteed before March 1st. In case of cancellation, the organizer keeps the advance of NOK 2750 (€ 290) to cover losses due to cancellation. In case of cancellation less than seven weeks before the course starts the organizer keeps the container fee of NOK 7365 (€ 776) to cover losses due to cancellation and cancellation less than 5 working days prior to the course or in case of non-payment, no fee will be refunded. 

Check- in Saturday July 6th
Check-in at Villa Dorothea takes place after 4:00pm on Saturday. We do not have access to the villa before 4:00pm when other retreats are in progress. There is no formal program on the day of arrival but dinner is served at 6:00pm. If you arrive early you can take a ride from the airport to the small coastal village of Villajoyosa, which has a beautiful beach and a lovely beach promenade. There is also a hotel right next to the beach, which we cooperate with if you wish to come one or more days earlier or stay longer afterwards. Great swimming, shopping and dining. From VillaJoyosa you can book a cab to Villa Dorothea. It costs € 15 if you use the cab-company vi cooperate with. If not it will be € 20.

7:30am Yoga
9:30am Breakfast
10:30am Gong-training

1:30pm Lunch
Every other day spare time and rest until 6 pm.

4:30pm Gong training
6:00pm Sharing/yoga/meditation
7:30pm Dinner
8:30pmYoga Nidra, Meditation for a lovely sleep

Thursday 10:00pm-7.00am GongPuja

Friday night trip to Altea

Check-out saturday July 13th 10:00 am 

Nice to know 

  • It’s the same time-zone in Spain and Norway
  • You cannot exchange money at the hotel. If you wish to shop in Altea Friday you may use credit card.
  • In Spain the currency is Euro
  • There is yoga mats, pillows and blankets available at the hotel.
  • If you like to go hiking make sure you bring good walking shoes.
  • Bring a warm sweater and pants, it might be chilly in the early mornings and late evenings.
  • In-door shoes can be nice to bring
  • Sunscreen and maybe a sun-hat
  • Swimsuit of course!
  • Bring passport.


We warmly welcome you to a fantastic week at the sunny cost of Spain in the most beautiful place!

Peace and love, Helen and Anne Siri!

About Helen Miller Lynch.

Educational Director MediYoga USA.

Helen Miller Lynch Education Director at MediYoga USA, Trains and certifies Health Professionals in the United States for further Integration in Clinical Treatments. Helen Miller Lynch has several years of experience in teaching and research within MediYoga, where she has received financial research supported by Dignity Health and the Kern Behavioral & Recovery service in California. Her background in medicine is over 20 years as a Diagnostic Radiology Nurse, specializing in cardiovascular intervention.She provides education in Stress and Burnout, retreats and individual therapeutic yoga consultations. Registered Yoga Therapist 500hr, educated GongYoga therapist and teacher, Certified MediYoga Children instructor, Kundalini yoga teacher. She is also undergoing education in energy medicine by Donna Karen. Collaboration with Zest Life Lab, MediYoga International, Mehtab Benton Gong Yoga educator, author and Vedic Astrologer and Gong On The Way 


About Anne Siri Langelandsvik

Senior Advicer physical activity and Yoga Therapy at Drug-rehabilitation, Kirkens bymisjon, Oslo Norway and owner of Medisinsk Yoga Øst AS, Norway.

Anne Siri is a certified MediYoga teacher and therapist, personal trainer and holds a masters degree in Microbiology. She has worked for many years in the pharmaceutical industry. For the last 10 years she has worked as a personal trainer, MediYoga therapist and Gongmaster. She has undergone trainings in yoga and MediYoga for children, MediYoga stress and burnout, and Certified in basic and advance Gongplaying techniques, GongYoga therapy. She has provided certification courses in basic Gongplaying techniques in Norway for the last 6 years and held MediYoga kidz courses. She also gives Healing massage, and individual MediYoga and Gong therapy sessions. She has for 3,5 years run a yogastudio. Colaboration with Gong On The Way, Tor Arne Håve, and Mehtab Benton, Gong Yoga educator, author and Vedic astrologer.