Velkommen på kurs! Du er alltid velkommen til å starte opp hos oss når det måtte passe for deg, vi har fast plass, klippekort og drop-in. Vi har gode rabatter til deg som fortsetter på kurs, vil gå flere kurs, er ufør, student etc. Se HER.



Rest&Restore Chakra WS 21 okt-17

- en balanserende reise gjennom chakraene med yoga, yoganidra og gong

Inspirasjonsdag m Amir 23 okt 17

for yogalærere

WS med Amir Jaan 27 okt-17

The only way Out is In!

Familieyoga lørdag 28 oktober

Asthanga Workshop 4 nov-17

Asthanga Yoga workshop med Minka Qvale!

Intuitiv maling 5 nov-17

- utforsk din kreativitet

Intuitiv maling 19 nov-17

-utforsk din kreativitet

Tantric Exploration 2-3 des 2017

-åpne ditt hjerte og utforsk kundalinikraftens magi!

Rogivende Adventsyoga 16 des kl 1430

-kom og senk skuldrene og tre inn i julefreden

Workshops med Swami Mahesh 14-15 mai

About Swami Mahesh:
Swami Maheshananda Saraswati is a wandering yogi. He was initiated into the Dasnami Sannyasa Order in 1995 by Paramhamsa Niranjanananda Saraswati, the anointed successor of Paramhamsa Satyananda Saraswati. Swami Mahesh lived with his Guru for the customary twelve years, serving his Guru's mission in various capacities. He travels both nationally and internationally to conduct seminars and workshops on yoga and has led groups on high altitude pilgrimage to Kailash Manasarovar in Tibet and Indian Himalayas. For details - http://wanderingmahesh.blogspot.com/

I´m really looking forward to these two days. I got to join one of Maheshs workshops last year when he visited Norway. Swami Mahesh is a modern, on-trend Swami. He’s even on Facebook :-) He has a great ability to communicate complex yogic practices and philosophy in astute, easy-to-understand language that every person could relate to, no matter how “non-yogic” their lifestyle may seem.

One 3 hour workshop: 600,-
2 3 hour workshops 1100,-
3 3 hour workshops 1600,-
4 3 hour workshops 2100,- 

If you´re in an economically challenged situation let us know, we have a policy ensuring that everyone who wants to shall be able to attend :-)

Pranayama søndag 14 mai kl 10-13: Creating Harmony with the Cosmic Energy

Prana is the universal life force, the essence of all motion, and the basis of all manifestation in the Cosmos. It is the essence of life and existence itself. The yogis and the Seers have experimented with this vital life force and come up with a grand and complete understanding of its working principles and processes.

The science of Prana and Pranayama deals with the complete process of managing, activating, regulating and increasing its flow and capacity to connect us, ultimately, to the source of life and Supreme Consciousness. It gives us proper control over our body and mind, and connects us to our inner being, restoring health, vitality, insight, creativity and joy. 

Learn six major Pranayama practices as mentioned in the ancient Hatha Yoga Texts. All levels welcome

Prana Vidya søndag 14 mai kl 14-17: Prana Vidya is a powerful Yogic technique, based on scientific principles, that helps us connect to the most fundamental, throbbing energy of the cosmos. The system uses the concept of Chakras, to remove blockages and to energize, activate and awaken the psychic energy centers. This creates the right channels for the flow of the Cosmic Pranic Energy, infusing the entire body with life force. The benefits at the physical level are strength and vitality and at the physiological level are coordinated and optimal functioning of the body organs. The result is healing of the entire body. At the psychological level it drives away depression and dullness of mind and infuses a new enthusiasm towards life, the mind opens up to higher possibilities and a new creative power takes over. At the spiritual level this practice helps us to see the larger picture of the 'Living Cosmos' and our connection with it. It brings rapid and integrated growth and evolution of the personality

Lunsj mellom kl 13 og 14 hvis du deltar på begge workshops. 

Pancha Kosha Integration mandag 15 mai kl 0930-1230: Yoga is a science of total health and harmony. Integrating the physical, physiological and psychological functions together it aims to bring us closer to our true self. It does not overlook the need for a healthy body and mind to help us walk on the path of personal growth and evolution. It touches each and every aspect of our personality and infuses us with life force and willpower to live a life filled with happiness and contentment.

Experience the beneficial effects of yoga with simple and integrated yoga practices that deal with the body,vitality, mind, emotions and psyche. Better known as the system of Panch Kosha - the five dimensions of our being, the aim of this workshop is to create a wonderful integration and harmony within and without.

Lunsj mellom kl 1230 og 1330 hvis du deltar på begge workshops.

Chakra Awakening and Balancing mandag 15 mai kl 1330-1630:  The Chakra system provides us the means to explore the different levels of our own consciousness and to maintain optimal health, higher awareness and perfect dynamic balance with the forces of both external and internal nature. In these subtle structures lie the power to transform our ordinary consciousness into a higher consciousness where everything is experienced as an expression of the Divine Consciousness and the world becomes a field of blissful creative expression.

Come and participate in this rare event, which will help you integrate Asana, Pranayama, Pratyahara, Dharana and Mantra practices from the Chakra viewpoint.

  • All levels are welcome in each of these workshops.
  • You should come with empty stomach, or eat light and at least 2-3 hours before the session.
  • Wear light comfy clothes and avoid metal jewelry or tight dress.

Book post@medisinskyogaoest.no


God Søvn - workshop

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