I ☯ T is a new form
of holistic body and energy-work
that brings harmony and balance
to the body, mind and emotions
while conferring specific
structural, physiological and psychological benefits.

Paul Terrell, grunnleggeren av I T & B I T (Ball IT) sier følgende:
I wish to share with you the extraordinary benefits of Inversion Therapy. I have developed, researched and practiced this technique since 1993 and am more enthusiastic now than I have ever been. The benefits on all levels are astonishing, and there continues to be a high rate of clients relieving and curing symptoms and diseases, rapidly achieving their health goals and finding the energy, peace and creativity they long for.
The work centres on deep relaxation, and then rebalancing the structural, neurological, hormonal, cardiovascular, digestive and psychological systems. Thus all hindrances to balanced health are understood as being tensions held in the mind and body. Sessions are a synthesis of, on the one hand, improving body/mind function, reducing pain, removing blockages to the self healing processes, increasing energy etc. and on the other hand, establishing a practice of being, of breathing and of stilling the choosing/judgmental habit of the mind.
Thus part of the work is self enquiry and coaching, using a system developed during the last 30 years of therapy work called, ‘Soul Centred Therapy’. This work in its essence, is Shamanism and Tantra Yoga.
Blessings of Love and Peace, Paul Terrell.

" If we are not experiencing good health and contentment, then it is time to seek out the root causes. Then we can not only treat the symptoms, but reprogram the life style habits that lie at the root of most disease as well . “

Fredag 11 november kl 08-20, lørdag 12 november kl 09-18. Send mail med ønsket tidspunkt og lengde til post@medisinskyogaoest.no for booking.

Pris: 60 mins: 1000:-
90 mins: 1300:-

En sesjon kan være veldig effekiv. Anne Siri opplevde denne behandlingen i sommer og sier følgende: jeg har aldri følt meg roligere og mer avslappet. Der hang jeg opp ned, og i utgangspunktet såg det litt skummelt ut, men Paul er så rolig og stødig og jeg kunne sovnet der jeg hang, så avslappet var jeg. Etterpå jobbet han med ryggen mens jeg låg på en madrass og alt løsnet, alle små og store låsninger og spenninger. Kjentes ut som om alt falt på plass. Helt herlig! 

Hjertelig velkommen, hilsen Paul og Anne Siri

Inversjonsterapi med Paul Terrell 11 og 12 november